So I hit 1k followers a few months ago, and I was meaning to do a follow forever but, you know, laziness. And then grace says hey I’ll make the graphic for you so I was like thank god I don’t have to venture into photoshop and she made this amazing graphic to go with all these amazing people. Soooo anyway….

people I know in real life (yes I have friends take a moment to get over your shock) ☠ grace nora libby taya

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☠  G - N: gallifraye gillaan gloriousponds gracelesscas hrvelle iantojones i-am-lord-trolldemort jackhardness jackharknessed ladylokid leviastiels lorettylynns matt-smith melikepancakes mishcollin mishoverlord myycroft not-exactly-fort-knox novakian

☠ O - S: onamelancholyhill oswwalds oodinary pastrymisha peregrint pondsational pondory ponnds puregatory rosestiels rowling-in-the-deep rorysbooty sexydestiel skywwalker snogbox spockling

☠ T - Z: tardisfleet tardisheart thefakegenius trekkibal trenzalorewhispers torchewood tossme waltzon whatladybird whispermen whouffle zachoquinto

I tried to include anyone I’m in a mutual follow with along with others, and if a link is broken please let me know!

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